Individually tailored treatment for acute and chronic pain

Advanced techniques

Many of the techniques and needle guidance technology we employ were not available 10 years ago and provide an excellent alternative to surgery.

Skilled physicians

All our physicians have received post residency, fellowship training and are board-certified, making them some of the most skilled and highly trained physicians in their field.

By using integrative techniques, cutting-edge technology and evidence-based medicine, Center for Interdisciplinary Spine assembles tailored options to manage pain.

Understanding the treatment of pain

Pain is a symptom of either an acute or chronic medical condition that has the potential to significantly obstruct the lives of those it afflicts. The majority of pain experienced is considered ‘acute,’ which usually fades away over a short period of time with only a simple treatment. However, when pain persists or progresses over a long period of time it is considered ‘chronic.’ Although invasive surgery is a viable solution for some plagued by chronic pain, most, if not all, can receive considerable pain relief without surgery.

With the ongoing introduction of new and improved diagnostic tools, we continually advance our understanding of pain and the most effective course of treatment. Armed with innovative techniques, we treat a variety of conditions that are the cause of acute and/or chronic pain.

Our Providers


Experts In Their Field

Under the leadership of Carl H. Shin, MD, the Center for Interdisciplinary Spine (CIS) is fortunate to have a group of dedicated, board-certified physicians that have received post residency and fellowship training, making them some of the most skilled physicians in the field of interdisciplinary spine and the treatment of pain.

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Our Services

At the Center for Interdisciplinary Spine, we use innovative techniques, cutting-edge technology and evidence-based medicine to assemble individually tailored treatment options. Many of our techniques use needle guidance technology. This offers an excellent alternative to surgery. When necessary, our team can help with the transition from this conservative approach to surgical options with the area’s best surgeons.

By applying a clinically proven multidisciplinary approach, we can teach you the skills necessary to reduce your suffering and empower you to get your life back!

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Functional Rehabilitation

The Center of Interdisciplinary Spine offers functional restorative services through Keystone, focusing on your diagnosis and chronic pain. Keystone’s team of pain specialists include doctors, psychologists, therapists and ancillary professionals who work together to help you understand what is going on in your body and in your mind.

By tapping into your brain’s ability to restructure its pathways, we teach you how to shape your actions, emotions and thoughts to reclaim your life.

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